I am a vegan. Can I eat at TIANN'S?

Yes, we have multiple vegan options. Want something that is not on our menu? Ask our chef, and we can make something special for you.

What is gluten, and why is it bad?

Gluten is a protein found in certain grains that can be hard to digest. The wheat grain used in most bread contains gluten. It has been highly genetically modified, making it even harder to digest. If you suffer from coeliac disease, eating gluten can trigger a reaction. Because gluten offers no essential nutrients, we feel it's best left out of our food.

How do you ensure your creations are gluten-free and safe for people with Coeliac disease?

We use ingredients that are naturally gluten-free or tested and labelled as gluten-free. As a result, we make most of our sauces from scratch, including pesto, Gochujang (Korean chilli paste) and ketchup. We also batch test our ingredients with a Nima sensor which is a portable gluten detecting device. Many of our coeliac guests share feedback and recommendations too.

What must I do if I have food allergies/intolerance?

Always highlight food allergies and/or intolerances with every order placed online or at TIANN'S. Potential allergens are usually indicated in our product details. By communicating your food preferences, allergies or intolerances, our chefs can double-check them before serving you. As many details as possible are appreciated, for example, “I am allergic to shellfish and seaweed, please avoid”. This will help us make sure that your tummy is happy while enjoying our treats.

Is there cross-contamination in the kitchen?

While our kitchen is gluten and peanut-free, some of our ingredients may have been processed in facilities where peanuts are also processed. We batch test for gluten and wash before use, but trace elements may go unnoticed in some cases. If you have severe allergies, we recommend that you do not eat at TIANN'S. There will be instances of cross-contamination, especially with nuts. If you do decide to dine with us, we would recommend talking to the chef first.

If I am allergic to peanuts, can I eat at TIANN'S?

We generally do not use peanuts in our kitchen due to their potential carcinogenic nature. However, many tree nuts, almonds, cashew nuts, macadamias, pistachio and walnuts, are used. Some of these tree nuts may share processing facilities with peanuts. As such, we recommend against eating at TIANN'S if you have severe allergic reactions. 

What does being sugar conscious mean?

We make everything with less sugar, fewer carbohydrates, no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial flavours. We use organic natural sweeteners like dates, bananas, organic maple syrup and organic honey. Maple syrup and honey taste almost twice as sweet as sugar. This allows us to sweeten our creations with less impact on your blood sugar levels. Imagine eating half the amount of sugar you usually would while still enjoying the same great taste.

Is TIANN'S Halal-Certified?

No, TIANN'S is not halal-certified, and we have items that contain alcohol and/or pork. We also have many creations that do not contain alcohol and/or pork, so please share your dietary requirements when ordering.

What are your dairy-free cake options?

We have our Banana Bread, Sticky Date Pudding, Dairy-Free Carrot Cake, and Walnut Sticky Date Cake.

What are your egg-free options?

We have our Chocolate Zucchini Cake (custom order subject to availability, please order at least three weeks in advance), Vegan waffles and Fat Bombe. 


How do I make a reservation?

Please WhatsApp us at 8876 1128 or call us on 6222 1369 to make your reservation. Please note that we are closed on Mondays. We currently do not take same-day reservations for weekends and public holidays.

Can I change the date of my order?

To change the date of your order, please give us at least 72 hours' notice. Please note, we are not available on Mondays.

Do you offer exchanges or refunds?

Because of the nature of our products, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges. We are happy to answer any questions before you purchase, and you’re more than welcome to come in and have a browse of all of our delicious creations.

How long should I order my cake in advance?

We recommend ordering at least two weeks in advance. Our products can be very popular, especially at peak periods such as Christmas and Lunar New Year. Please allow extra time for custom creations.

What are your delivery rates and timeframes?

Island-wide delivery is possible at a flat rate with a minimum purchase of S$50. Free delivery for minimum purchase of S$250 in a single order. Deliveries are made in one-hour time slots, so it is recommended to order at least one hour in advance to confirm your order. This allows us enough time to prepare with any dietaries/allergies in mind. We can deliver any time after 9:30am for food only orders, with the last delivery made 1 hour before closing time. 

How do I make a preorder? 

You can order via our website <Insert Link> up to six weeks in advance. Depending on the product, it may require longer or shorter preparation times. Please note the lead time requirement for urgent orders. Call or WhatsApp us if you have any questions.  


What is the shelf life of the following items?

For bread: 
Best consumed within three days 

Must be kept refrigerated. 

Best consumed within one month if kept frozen. 

Storage tip: Keep sliced bread in an air-tight container to prevent absorbing the freezer smell. Reheat frozen bread directly, defrosting is not required.

For tea cakes/brownies: 

Best consumed within two days of purchase
Refrigerate overnight

For celebratory cakes: 

Best consumed on the day of purchase
Must be kept refrigerated

For biscuits: 

Best consumed within two weeks. 
Best kept in a cool and dry place

For housemade jams:

Best consumed within two weeks. 
Must be kept refrigerated/chilled

Are you pet-friendly, and are your cakes and treats suitable for dogs?

We have limited outdoor seating available for guests and their little four-legged family/friends. While our cakes and treats are human friendly, please DON'T feed them to your dogs. We do, however, have a fantastic furry friends selection, and water is always provided.

Any other questions?